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"So let's get to the bottom line."

First let me start off by saying I do understand that budgeting for a wedding is a pain - I get it!


I meet countless brides and sooner or later I hear, "Ok, but how much?" First, have you viewed my galleries? If you haven’t already, spend some time checking out my style, I’m sure that you’ll find it refreshing.


Each wedding I photograph is unique and has its own style and heartbeat. Of course, its own budget. Looking ahead 10 years, you and your guest may not remember what was served during your reception; but they will remember how you looked standing beside them, as I capture a special moment for all of you. So yes, I do understand!


So here is the bottom line, I don't know yet. Again, your wedding is unique to you. However, since your trying to place your arms around a budget - My packages start at $1880.


Here is a simple list of areas I offer:

  • I am your photographer from the begining of your day to it's end
  • I bring along a seasoned assistent/photographer that works for me
  • Online viewing of your entire wedding for you and your guests
  • An album, 10 x 10 Premium Leather Bound Hand Crafted 20 pages
  • 6 x 6 Duplicate Parent album
  • Engagement Session
  • Wall mount prints (Various sizes and Uniqueness)


If you’d like more information on what I offer and pricing, the best thing would be to head over to the “Contact” page and send me your info, or you can just give me a call @ 916-741-8727. I would love to have a sit down with you and chat about your special day.